Mago Garden A substantial Environment Those Fosters More self examination & Replicate

Mago Garden: An Environment This Fosters Introspection & Hand mirror Mago Garden is each Sedona, Arizona retreat medical center for students of Bright light Tao, a Korean Taoist tradition developed over – years ago. Low May Lin fosters internal reflection, prayer, and meditation, making it an fine place for those in order to enrich their spiritual concentration. Retreats held at the Mago Garden Center are created as introductions to Sun’s rays Tao. Those looking for that more comprehensive, in-depth familiarity should consider enrolling inside of Tao Fellowship’s training activities.

Mago Garden is not, however, a vacation medical center. Those visiting the center should focus on earning highly levels of strict awareness. In keeping containing Sun Tao’s basic teachings, Mago Garden strives to the office in harmony with the great outdoors. It has received the highest rating from you see, the Northern Arizona Green Number. The center places a heavy emphasis on make use of and using recycled stuff. It also aims to become completely energy self-sufficient within the next years. Tao Services Mago Garden is a vacation center operated by Tao Fellowship in Sedona, Phoenix.

The center provides roaming groups and individuals with professional services that can help these products better understand the theories of Sun Tao, an old form of Taoism very originated in Korea approximately , years ago. The very center also opens its refuge facilities to members together with other faiths. Mago Back yard Sunday Tao Service Mago Garden hosts an once weekly Sunday Tao Service guided by Sun Tao professionals. The service includes teachings and lectures as amazingly well as ceremonies, prayers, as well as meditation. An open house held immediately after the specific Sunday Tao Service.

The open house a new fellowship opportunity for doctors of Sun Tao. Furthermore, it gives interested parties a way to learn more about several major principles of Sun tan Tao (meditation, ki-gong, and furthermore Tao healing). Those who would like to do so may unite Tao Fellowship. A free vegetarian lunch is supported at the open casino. All are welcome at the Sunday Tao Service plans and open house. Trips at Mago Garden Mago Garden holds retreats are intended as serious introductions to the coaching of Sun Tao.